SURESMILE SureSmile Clear Aligners The clear aligner treatment experience that supports you along the journey to a healthy, beautiful smile.If you are considering clear aligners, we know that you want to be confident that you will achieve the results you want, in the time you expect, without aligners interfering with your daily routine. Be Sure […]

Boutique Whitening

BOUTIQUE WHITENING Are you happy with your smile? Let Us Help! Boutique Whitening is a professional teeth whitening system available from The Walk-In Dental Centre, your Boutique Whitening Expert in Perth. A simple approach to tooth whitening The story begins with the vision of one UK dentist to create a unique whitening system and change […]

Inhalation Sedation

INHALATION SEDATION We know that some people can get a little anxious about having to visit the dentist for treatment, so here at The Walk in Dental Centre we can help. We now offer Inhalation Sedation, otherwise known as “Happy Gas” to our patients who feel a little nervous about their visit, suitable for both […]



INVISALIGN Exude confidence with Invisalign® treatment – the clear and virtually invisible solution for straightening your teeth. Watch the video below to see how Invisalign has delivered over 5.5 million satisfied smiles worldwide. We create technology to help people move forward in life. Find out why the Invisalign System is the world’s most advanced […]

Clear Correct


CLEARCORRECT discreet, comfortable aligners in your control. If you’re looking to straighten your teeth, ClearCorrect might be just the thing for you. ClearCorrect aligners are comfortable, removable, nearly invisible, and, best of all, they work without impacting your daily life. Eat what you want, brush and floss as usual, and get straighter teeth without anyone […]



Prevention Is your dental check up overdue? The Australian Dental association recommend a check up every 6 months. What will your dental check up entail?1. A through clinical examination to check your teeth, gums and assess the soft tissues is performed. A soft tissue assessment will ensure any oral lesions are noted and our dentist […]



Teeth Whitening Now you can whiten your smile in the comfort of your own home or at The Walk-in Dental Centre. These treatments can lighten discoloured teeth caused by tea coffee smoking, medication or smoking. If you want white teeth then please ask your dentist when you next attend. You’ll notice your dazzling new smile […]



Restorative CROWNS A dental crown (cap) is a covering that encases the entire tooth surface, thus restoring it to its original shape, size, and colour. A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restorations. The tooth is gently prepared in order that the remaining tooth provides […]



Periodontal Gum disease (periodontal disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Its treatment and control is the single most important factor underpinning all aspects of dentistry. Our dentists will screen for periodontal disease and assess your gums when you attend for a dental check-up. Gum disease is caused by excessive bacterial accumulation […]

Root Canal


Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Have you got severe toothache or a dental abscess? If you might need root canal therapy or root canal treatment (RCT). This is a dental procedure used to retain a tooth with an irreversibly damaged nerve, so that a tooth can be saved and remain functional in the mouth. Nerve damage […]

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