Is your dental check up overdue?

The Australian Dental association recommend a check up every 6 months.

What will your dental check up entail?
1. A through clinical examination to check your teeth, gums and assess the soft tissues is performed. A soft tissue assessment will ensure any oral lesions are noted and our dentist will under take an oral cancer check.
2. Dental x rays to assess for decay and review bone support which is effected in patients with periodontal disease.
3. Oral hygiene instruction and dietary advise. Lots of patients suffer from bad breath and not brushing correctly. The dentist will spend time to assist you in helping provide you with the knowledge and tools on how to improve your oral hygiene. A sugary diet plays a critical factor in causing tooth decay. Our dentist will discuss your diet to see if it is causing holes in your teeth or wear of your teeth for example.
4. Scale and polish. Most patients require their teeth cleaned every 6 months. This ensures the calculus/tartar that has built up is removed. It can help improve your gum health and make it easier for you to clean your teeth.
5. Treatment plan. Our dentist will aim to provide you with a brief overview of what is required and then discuss this further as you need to ensure you fully understand and are happy with the treatment required.

Do you remember when was your last dental check up?

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