Do you want to know how to make your life with Invisalign easier and more comfortable? Read out these few hacks and tips we recommend 🙂

#1 Invisalign Case is your best friend. Keep it in your bag, in your pocket, in your hand, in your shoe – everywhere! Having your trays hidden is a blessing since nobody will notice you wearing them. However, it can be a curse since if you’re not careful, your trays can easily be misplaced. There’s nothing worse than going out and not bringing your case because it didn’t match your outfit so you wrapped it in a tissue only for the waitress to pick up and throw away.

#2 Cleaning. Every morning after you wake up, take out the aligners, fill up a cup of water with one of the cleaning tablets, and let your trays soak for an hour or so while having a coffee & breakfast. Using the tablets every single morning keep the trays fresh, clean and stain-free. You can also use an on-the-go foaming cleaner if you are out and about and trays need a refresh!

You can also brush your aligners gently with your toothbrush to keep them fresh and clean. Use the Invisalign cleaning system to keep your aligners clear.

#3 Say goodbye to chewing gums. No matter what they say, you cannot have gum whilst wearing your aligner. Try it and let us know 🙂

#4 Switch before you sleep. Switch to your new aligners before you go to sleep. It’s best to move your teeth into its new position for an undisrupted period of time. Think about it, it’s better having your new aligners in for 8 hours straight whilst you sleep vs. in-and-out throughout the day.

#5 Use your outie. If you have Invisalign, you will know what an absolute pain it is to take out your aligners AFTER you get your attachments. Because of this, they’ve invented a great little tool called an “outie.” With it, you can eliminate the hassle of using your hands.

#6 No coloured lollies or popsickles. Coloured lozenges and lollies are the enemy! If you can avoid it, try not to have sweets in your mouth whilst wearing your aligner. Not only can it cause cavities to brew below, but it can also stain your aligners to a nasty colour which you will be stuck with until your next aligner change.

#7 Request A Set Of Chewies. If you switch to a brand-new set of aligners for the first time, you may feel that the fit feels “off” as your teeth adjust to the new aligners. You can use the chewies, which are small rolls of gauze, to fill any gaps between your aligners and your teeth. During the first few days of using a new set of trays, you can bite down on these chewies for a few minutes. This will improve the fit and your overall comfort.

#8 A good nail file. Boys, you too. Sometimes new aligners can come with unexpected sharp spots that not only cut your tongue and mouth but it just feels annoying. File that sharp spot down and you’re good to go! Don’t waste time going back to the dentist when you can fix it quick and easy at home.

#9 Emergency dental travel kit. Keep an emergency dental travel kit in your bag or car. It’s so important to put CLEAN aligners on CLEAN teeth. This doesn’t necessarily mean we expect you to brush your teeth after each meal, but it is important that rinse thoroughly and remove any food that may be stuck in your teeth before putting your aligners back in.

10# SMILE! Smile all day err’ day and don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful teeth and talk about Invisalign to others. The evolution of orthodontics is absolutely amazing. During your initial adjustment to the aligners, you may experience some changes in your speech, but don’t worry, the slight lisp disappear. There is a small chance that anyone else will notice a difference in your speech, even if you do. 

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