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With just 3 weeks to go until the red suited man arrives, there has never been a better time to book in with us at The Walk in Dental Centre.

Most health insurances reset in January so if you haven’t used yours yet this year, then now is the time, as appointments are filling fast.

Please see our Christmas opening hours for 2021. We are having a short break so our hard working staff can have time to recharge their batteries and spend time with their families.

The Practice will be closed from Friday 24th December 2021 and reopen on Monday 10th January 2022, for normal office hours.

5 Weeks Until Christmas

Yes we have just posted a Christmas picture. 

With just 5 weeks to go until the big day, there has never been a better time to book in to see us at The Walk In Dental Centre.

Christmas parties are on the horizon, and we all want sparkling teeth to complete the outfit. Our slots are filling fast for cleans and teeth whitening.

Now is the time to treat your self to the pearly white teeth you have always wanted. With our new Boutique whitening, you can have the white, sparkly teeth that everybody will notice at the Christmas party or round the family tree this year.

To avoid disappointment, book online via our website or call the practice on 6161 6405 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

Let the excitement begin…

Electric Toothbrush Turns 60

Did you know the rechargeable electric toothbrush turns 60 this year? 

It’s 60 years since the very first rechargeable electric toothbrush hit the shelves in stores. Things have changed a little since then but the concept is still the same.

This once luxury item, now graces bathrooms all over the world. With so much choice available, in style & functionality these days it’s hard to choice.

Which ever model you go for, this is still a recommended technique by dentists for toothbrushing. Even the littlest members of the family can join in, with lots of character models to suit every child’s taste.

Join the party and rise your electric toothbrush to its big birthday year.

Dental Health Partners

The Walk-In Dental Centre in Marangaroo, Perth, is pleased to welcome ING Health Insurance as our latest addition to our range of accepted dental heath insurance funds.

We are constantly monitoring and looking for new and improved services for our valued clients to add to our already comprehensive list of dental health insurance partners.

HBF, HCF, NIB,, Frank,, MyOwn, AIA, CBHS, ING, Budget Direct, Defence Health, GMHBA, Australian Unity, Medicare Child Dental Benefit scheme, Healthcare and Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs are currently welcomed.

If you have a health fund that isn’t listed, please do still ask our practice staff as they may still be able to help or advise.

To find out more about the health funds that we accept, give the practice a call on 6161 6405 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Boutique Whitening at The Walk-In Dental Centre

Happy World Coffee Day

Happy World Coffee Day to all the coffee lovers out there.

Yes, we all love a nice cup of coffee, including us, but this pleasure is just one the things that can stain and discolour our teeth.

Here at the Walk-in dental Centre we have the answer – Boutique Whitening.

You can still enjoy your beloved coffee AND have white teeth.

To find out more about the Boutique whitening we offer, give the practice a call on 6161 6405 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Queens Birthday Long Weekend

As its the Queens Birthday Long weekend, please note the practice will be closed Saturday 25th & Monday 27th September 2021. Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday 28th September 2021.

School Holiday Check ups

With the school holidays just weeks away, there’s never been a better time to book the kids in for a check up. And if you are eligible for the Medicare dental allowance then it could all be free (subject to enough funds being available in the allowance). Give the practice a call on 6161 6405 and one of our lovely team members will arrange a suitable time, as well as checking the allowance for you.

Boutique Whitening


Are you happy with your smile?

Let Us Help!

Boutique Whitening is a professional teeth whitening system available from The Walk-In Dental Centre, your Boutique Whitening Expert in Perth.

Boutique Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit Logo
Boutique Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit At Home

A simple approach to tooth whitening

The story begins with the vision of one UK dentist to create a unique whitening system and change the face of teeth whitening. With all the options available, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the marketing ‘noise’ from the facts. At Boutique, we like to keep things simple!

Having a great smile with bright white teeth is important for many people, but having a great smile can be difficult, as many of the food and drinks we enjoy every day stain our teeth. This means that many people are opting for teeth whitening treatments.

Before After

What is Boutique Whitening?

With Boutique you can whiten your teeth your way – The secret formula is the result of a collaboration with dentists, chemists and manufacturers worldwide. Whiten by Day with a 1.5 hour wear time, or whiten by Night with a choice of 3 formulas that whiten whilst you sleep.

Boutique Whitening can only
be supplied by your dentist!

The Science of Tooth Whitening

Our Boutique Whitening gels are made using hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, the very same ingredients used in all professional (in dentist chair) teeth whitening products, but with the ease of ‘at home’ application.

Strong Partnerships

We are proud to say that we work exclusively with some of the top manufacturers in the world for our teeth whitening gels and trays, to ensure we can deliver the very best quality products to you, our valued customers.

Award winning whitening

Boutique Whitening has won no less than 7 major industry awards over the past 2 years, and is nothing less than a global revolution in teeth whitening, selling in 16 countries in the last 5 years.

If you would like to know more about Boutique Teeth Whitening, please request a chat with one of our doctors.


How much sugar in your drink?

Do you know how much sugar is in your favourite drink?

Fruit Juices

These may be good for health but did you know they are harmful to teeth? Orange juice can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar!! This coupled with the acidity of the juice and this all adds to the damage to your teeth.

Milk Shakes

Think they are healthy as they are made with milk, which is good for teeth? Yes, milk is good for teeth but it’s the flavouring that is added to make the milkshake that contains lots of sugar.

Energy Drinks

Need a boost and think you are on the right track? Energy drinks are really high in sugar content.

Maybe it’s time to switch up your everyday drinks for things like milk, water, even tea or coffee (but don’t heap the sugar into them).

Why not give it a go, and save the teeth you really want to keep.

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