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Do you suffer from Dental Anxiety?

For many, a visit to the dentist can be quite unnerving, even upsetting. From young children through to adults and seniors, nerves can sometimes get the better of us.

Our calm, gentle and experienced dentists here at the Walk-In Dental Centre aim to make everyone feel relaxed from the moment they enter our practice. For most of us, this calm atmosphere is enough to overcome our worries.

We fully understand the fear or anxiety for others, brought on simply by the thought of the dentist. This is where we can help with ‘Inhalation Sedation’, or laughing gas as it is sometimes known.

What is Inhalation Sedation?

Nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas’ has a pleasant smelling odour and is used to help reduce dental anxiety and offers pain-free dentistry.

Think of it as drifting into a deeply relaxed state where you will not feel, or sometimes even remember, your treatment.

The gas initiates a pleasant feeling, is totally harmless, and completely leaves the body within 3-5 minutes and you can safely go home.

We have scented masks available in the following flavours: Plain, Strawberry, Vanilla, Bubblegum & Orange, so you can pick your favourite scent to use.

The Walk-In Dental Centre, located on Highclere Boulevard in Marangaroo, is a friendly and family-focussed dental practice who offer general dentist and emergency dental treatment as well as a range of additional services including – Facial Aesthetics, Snap-On-Smile, Invisalign Braces and Inhalation Sedation.

We are preferred providers with HBF, HCF, NIB & We welcome all major health insurance providers and also Bulk Bill for children eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Would like to know more about Dental Sedation in Perth?

Give the practice a call and our dedicated team will be more than happy to help with any queries.

Call: 08 6161 6405

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better?

Simply stated, electric toothbrushes provide us to 5x more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush which also helps to improve gum health.

Because the brushing action is done for you, many people find using an electric toothbrush easier than a manual one. Speak with your dentist for advice and guidance on correct brushing techniques for different type of toothbrushes.

Is it time to make the switch?


Manual or Electric Toothbrushes

Several scientific studies have shown electric toothbrushes to be more effective at removing plaque (bacteria) from teeth and reducing gingivitis (bleeding gums). Having less plaque on your teeth will help reduce the risk of developing tooth decay.

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual brushes are cheap to buy, easily portable and can be effective at cleaning your teeth if used correctly. You are more likely to be able to scrub and potentially over brush your teeth/gums with a manual brush. Sometimes the size of a manual brush can be too big to get to the harder to clean areas of your mouth.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive to buy and need to be recharged on a regular basis to be effective. They will remove more plaque from your teeth if used as directed and will help people with limited manual dexterity and those who tend to rush brushing their teeth. Timers and pressure sensors will help do a better job and prevent over brushing. The smaller head will make it easier to clean the harder to reach areas. Your teeth will feel cleaner having used an electric toothbrush.

Walk-In Health Insurance Reset

January Health Insurance Reset

New Year, New Allowance for your Health Insurance

In most cases, your health insurance fund will
have recently reset at the beginning of the year.
This includes all of your dental extras cover.

Use it, don’t lose it

Walk-In CDBS Advert

Child Dental Benefit Scheme Reset

Did you know that most children who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefit, will have had the amount reset to $1000 at the start of the year?

If you would like to know if your child is eligible for the Child Dental Benefit or if the amount has reset again, please call the practice on 6161 6405 and one of the friendly staff will check for you.

Just one phone call to us could see your child(ren) get regular dental check-ups and treatment (if needed), with no out of pocket expenses to you. And the best thing of all is we claim directly with Medicare. Give our team a call and start the new year with sparkly teeth.


Revised Opening hours for January

For the month of January only, we have revised opening hours at the practice.

We are closed on the following days:-

Saturday 18th January 2020
Saturday 25th January 2020
Monday 27th January 2020

Normal working hours will resume in as of 1st February 2020.

Thank you


Christmas Opening Times

As the big day is quickly approaching we are giving our staff a well-deserved break over the Christmas period.

We are closed from:
Tuesday 24th December 2019 until Monday 6th January 2020

If you have a dental emergency during this time please call the practice on 6161 6405 to get information on what to do.

From all the Walk-in Team we would like to wish all our patients a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
We look forward to seeing you all next year.


How to Floss

Floss Like a Boss

You guys have asked for a guide to flossing
We popped a little step by step guide for you to follow, so you can floss like a boss


How to Brush your Teeth

We love to get feedback from you guys, our patients.

So following on from that, we have a step by step guide to effective toothbrushing.

And with Christmas fast approaching, we all like a few extra sweet treats, it’s important to look after the teeth we want to keep.


The Walk-In Welcomes Dr Genevieve Johnson

The Walk in dental centre are pleased to welcome Dr Genevieve Johnson to the team.

Starting with us on 4th December 2019, Dr Gen (as she likes to be called) comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and has over 20 years experience in dentistry.

She is highly respected in the dentistry circle and this shows in the numerous awards that she has gained.

Dr Gen’s appointment book is now open, so if you would like an appointment with her, please call the practice on 6161 6405 and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

All the Walk in Team are looking forward to working alongside her, and we’re sure all our patients will make her feel very welcome.

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